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Psychic Reading Room


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I followed her to some darkened room, she took my money, she said "I'll be with you soon".

Good fortune smiles on you today as you have found yourself at the door step of the great Gypsy fortuneteller Madam Fifi.

With the assistance of her two sisters you will be seated in a comfortable chair and offered a hot tea. as you sip your brew, Madam Fifi will lay down your tarot cards and gaze into her crystal ball. "You're in luck" "fate is in your favor today as your loved ones are here with us"...But wait before you go I must read your tea leaves.

Inspired by the series 9 Lego fortune teller.

this build measures 6x7x8 and has many interesting details including a shrunken head, skulls, spiders, ghosts, crystal ball and potions. perfect set for Halloween and the macabre enthusiast this set will appeal to kids and adults of all ages.

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