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Astro-Miners Drill-a-Ped

The Lego Astro-Miners are a group of brave space travelers and their robotic assistants. They probe small moons and asteroids for their precious materials to help Earth's population survive and prosper.

The Drill-a-Ped is an essential piece of hardware to extract the exotic alloys that the Astro-Miners are looking for. Cutting through almost anything is vital to the Astro-Miner's quest. This piece of machinery is one of the most favored by the Jovian Miners Guild due to its reliability, speed and relative comfort for the operator.

This would make an excellent set because its piece count makes it affordable and provides the builder with great elements for other space vehicles. This is somewhat reminiscent of classic space Lego sets but still has a very modern feel.

Here is a lego space explorer and his Robo-dog assistant. Robo-dog can help retrieve rare minerals from crevices and craters that are to difficult for humans and larger machinery to access. His sensors are also well tuned to detect the much needed tritium for the energy requirements of the Astro-Miners hardware. Jexon, new to the miners' fleet, needs all of the help Robo-dog can give him.

There are a lot of AFOLS out there that would like to have a green futuron mini-figure. This is your chance to get one. This figure is inspired by the original futuron mini-figure with the classic space Logo.

Dsiplayed is a unique cockpit design with control panel and vehicle controlling joy-stick.

This is a front view of the heavy duty drill unit capable of cutting through almost any rock or metal.

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