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Capture of the Niffler


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       This scene, from the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" film, is really hilarious. So, when I noticed that the only one LEGO product under this licence was a LEGO Dimension extension, i recreated this scene with LEGO Digital Designer, with a maximum of details from the movie, and an interesting playability.

   My biggest regrets is to haven't been able to add the Niffler, big absent of this digital version, because it does'nt exist in one brick at this moment, and a lion, for the same reason. But they are really part of the heart of my project, and therefore the set I propose.


This set contains :

  • 4 Minifigs : Newton Scamander, Jacob Kowalski, and 2 agents from the NYPD
  • 2 animals : the Niffler, and a Lion, escaped from Central Park Zoo.
  • a car from the NYPD
  • the Jewelry store robbed by the Niffler

More details ! :

  • The glass panes are made for be easy to remove ( Newt broke two of them in the movie )
  • Furnitures inside are very mobile and easy to flip
  • the great shelf flip through the window
  • the chandelier has handle allowing Newt to not give a respite to the Niffler
  • this chandelier can rotate, balance, and fall on the ground
  • All small black beleved bricks are supposed to accomodate jewelery of all kind


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