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Grand Avenue Station Modular

I am submitting my idea of a modular building with a train station to LEGO ideas. I personally love all modular buildings that LEGO has come out with over the last 15 or so years. Unfortunately, LEGO doesn't come out with more than 1 per year, so I figured I'd submit my idea for another one.

Pictured is the modular - I designed it using Bricklink Studio.

Starting with the dark green building: The first floor features a tax office. I recently had filed my taxes when I started making this and thought, why not a tax office for the first building of the modular? I modeled it pretty similarly to the place where I get my taxes done. It features tables, a waiting area, bookshelf, and water machine for those waiting to get their taxes done. On the 2nd floor, we have a lounging area, finished with pool table, arcade, and ATM to get money to play those games.

The blue building features a convenience store on the first floor. This comes complete with checkout line, shelves for food items, and drink shelves. Above that on the second floor is a cafe/donut shop - Features a wide variety of food items to pick from, along with a checkout counter and a booth to sit and eat, along with an outdoor dining area on a balcony.

On the top floor of both buildings, is an apartment building that features a fully furnished apartment with wood floors. Comes with a bed, couch, TV, computer, kitchen with sink, dishwasher, stove/oven, and cabinets.

Last but not least, the train station itself. The train station features an awning to relax and wait for the train, and a ticket office to purchase tickets to ride the train when it arrives at the station.

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