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Miniature Security Drones


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These Diminutive Defenders are your ideal protection, coming equipped with non-leathal hardpoints and cutting-edge logical praogramming.  Security Drones have vairiants available for any climate you live int: from the freezing tempuratures of Greenland, to the tropical terrain of the Bahamas. Each Drone Variant has it's own descisive programing, and hardpoint systems, each is adapted to a specific type of climate: There is the Arctic Drone(white): for your colder environments, Aqeous Drone(blue): for your more tropical regions, Jungle Drone(green): for your wilderness home in the woods, Heat Drone(yellow-red): also for your colder environments, Heavy Drone(red): for when you want more serious protection, Stealth Drone(black): your unnoticed gaurdian angel, and finally your two basic all-around use drones: The Basic and Rocket Drone(tan): both these Drones are your general use units.

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