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Happy Meal Racer


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Hey, guys, it’s been a while! But now, I have a new project that could become a set, my McDonald’s happy meal racer! The small but cute and aerodynamic vehicle was not originally intended to be what the title calls it, but just a normal, cool looking little race car, to zoom by all the other, bigger ones. But once I got the idea, to set it apart from all the other simply titled, "city car" projects, I realized I could follow the color scheme of McDonald's, which got better and better the more I worked on it. This is the final product, and I hope you like, it, because we'll need all the support we can get! So go click that support button up there if you want to buy this little speedy thing and use it in your Lego Cities! The project needs 10,000 supporters in order to have a chance of being accepted as a real set! So please, show no restraint to help get my potential Lego product as far as it can! I hope you like it!

Thank you, built by Peanutgallery4!