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Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat

Hello again and welcome to my new project idea: The Cat in the Hat!  Now, if you're a Dr. Seuss fan like I am and would love to see this as a LEGO set make sure to hit that big blue support button up next to the project and share with your friends to help us on our way to this becoming a new LEGO set on the shelves!  

"We looked!  Then we saw him step in on the mat!  We looked!  And we saw him!  The Cat in the Hat!"

The Cat in the Hat is a timeless classic created by the zany mind of Dr. Seuss himself.  It would be a great LEGO set because of how many people know and love Dr. Seuss (namely The Cat in the Hat).  The story itself is cause of nostalgia from reading the books as a child and getting lost in the crazy rhymes and unique illustrations.  
This set depicts the main area in the book: The house of the kids.  Its contents include:
  • Two chairs facing out the window
  • A dresser with flowerpot
  • A table with the fishbowl holding the Fish
  • One bed of the parents (unknown to what they look like)
  • Also the many things the cat decides to balance on his endeavor of seeking fun
It also includes characters from the book:
  • The Cat in the Hat (carrying a blue umbrella)
  • Conrad
  • Sally
  • Thing 1
  • Thing 2
  • The Fish
The minifigures I have are just mock-ups and are just ideas for what the final design could look like.  Also my idea for the Fish is a fishbowl with a custom print on it of the fish.  Although I would like to have a full on fish figure, I tried that and I saw that if I had that then the fish bowl would be out of proportion to the rest of the build.  If you have any ideas as to how I could make it any better please comment below!

This set also includes plates on hinges on the back of the house that swing out and allow for access inside.  These little plates include space to have The Cat in the Hat balance a bunch of household items and the other one holds their parent's bed.  They can be folded in also which makes it easier to store. 

In conclusion, if you do love Dr. Seuss and have great memories of the books, please hit that support button and help bring us closer to that magic 10,000 supporters and to this idea becoming an actual LEGO set!  Thank you for supporting (hopefully) and make sure to check out my other projects!
See you then!

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