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Medieval Farm

This is the Medieval Farm.

To start from the bottom, we have a pigs pen, a well under a tree, a chicken pen under the stairs and a storage room for barrels and bottles. It also functions as an indoor pen for the chickens to stay at night.
On the first floor, we have a table with some chairs and a bench, some drawers, a kitchen and a set of stairs going up to the second floor. On one of the drawers is a sword put on display, and from the kitchen we have a chimney going through the roof.

Second and last floor, we have an area for storage with crates and wood. Going outside on the flat roof, you see the chimney sticking out of the roof, and a tower with a crane on top. With the crane you can lift crates up to the roof to store them up there. Around the edge of the roof is a fence which can open up next to the tower. I included 3 minifigures, the farmer, his wife and their son. Both the floors come loose, so you can easily reach inside. One part of the roof can open up, and another part is fully removable, so you get full access in to the second floor.

I think this would make a great set for young and old, for both display and to play with. I think you can combine it with other sets very nicely, but alone it looks great as well.

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