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1932 Mercedes SSK Car

    It's a car, and I love Mercedes, so I decided to build this one. I looked up some pictures of them, and tried to build this car as good as I could to be exactly the same. There are two big lights up front, and 2 red lights at the back. There were 2 curved panels available, so I decided to use them as fenders for the front. It is seven units wide all the way through. the blue pieces are from the 42098 Chevy Camaro car. The spare tire is the steering wheel. There is a key for it as well. It is behind the wheel in the cab. There are no doors, since there weren't any on the pictures.
     I built it because I love Mercedes, and There should be a selection of old styled cars for sale at Lego.
     I believe this would be a great set because everyone that seen it says it is amazing.

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