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The Fire Cafe

The Fire Cafe
Welcome to the Fire Cafe! This is a cafe in the middle of town and a meeting point for almost all of my minifigures. Take a seat by the fireplace (that is where the name comes from) and order a drink. 

There are 2 awnings in this building, one red and yellow and the other one blue and red. They are made for sunny days, when it is too hot in the sun and next to the fireplace. There are also a barbecue, a hot tub and a bar for throwing parties.

Just for the people who don't see it (I understand, it's not very clear), between the lamppost and the pillars for the awning is a hanging lamp for the lighting.

I'm very proud of the strings that are hanging under the awning and the second floor. they took me some time but I am satisfied with the result.

This build was inspired on the bars and cafes in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

This is my first product idea on LEGO ideas! Quite a milestone, because until now I think this is a great site with great people. I hope you liked it!

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