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Into the Multiverse

In the universe every possibility is a reality and Sam will find out that for himself when the multiverse begins to collide within his bedroom. He will wind a reality just like his own but he is a girl, one where he is a caveman where dinosaurs and giant gorilla'st this one going by the name of Kalath roam the earth and one where he a duck cop hunting for a dangerous villain by the name of Gorgo Morkath with the aid of fellow bounty hunters a elf by the name of Aletha and a humanoid duck by the name of Jack being assigned cases by the blue haired receptionist Elizabeth.  This would be a dream come true if only the multiverse wasn't collapsing upon itself it is up to them all to shut down the portals and save the multiverse. 

I built this set because I love genre mashups and thought a prehistoric reality, a science fiction reality and two normal realities clashing would be a fun concept for a LEGO set.  Having to face off dinosaurs while dealing with evil space villains. The concept left me with many ideas. I believe this will make a great set because it is allows for creativity, you can explore a world inhabited by dinosaurs then  stop in the future to hunt for aliens. 

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