Product Idea

Medieval Tower

This is the Medieval Tower, it features multiple levels completely accessible from the rear, a partial kitchen, an armory, and bunks for the knights. It sits on a 32x32 baseplate, is about 54 bricks high, and measures 25 studs at the widest portion of the tower. The ground level, called The Strongroom, contains a large brick fireplace for roasting your favorite meals; plenty of space for the storage of any equipment/supplies the knights might need; a rack, to hang various weapons; and a secret spot to hide some of your valuables. The mid level of the tower is The Armory, where the main weapons are stored, as well as ballistas and bows, to fight enemies without having to leave the safety of the tower. The third and final story is The Knight’s Quarters, it contains triple bunk beds and armor stands for every knight. I think this would make a great set because Lego really hasn't done anything like it before.

Set Information

Knight's Name and Rank: Sir Nicholas, Master and Commander; Sir Richard III, Seneschal/Under-Marshal; Lancaster, Turcopolier; Brady, Marshal; Eliot, Knight (Eliot can be either a good guy, or a bad guy; see picture 12); and John, Knight.

Piece Count: 2,997

Stories: 3

Dimensions: (Length, 21 studs) (Width, 25 studs) (Height, 54 bricks)

Minifigures: 6 + 2 horses

Main Colors: black, dark green, flat silver, light bluish gray, and reddish brown.

Other Colors: bright green, dark blue, dark brown, dark orange, dark red, dark tan, green, light flesh, light yellow, medium blue, olive green, orange, pearl dark gray, pearl gold, tan, trans-clear, trans-orange, trans-yellow, white, and yellow.