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Soda Brewery and Bar - Modular Building


Serve up some rounds of refreshing soda made in-house at the Modular Soda Brewery and Bar!


I really wanted to build a sports bar or modern saloon, but Lego's disdain for modern day alcohol references meant I had to use soda instead. Nevertheless, I built it as if it were an actual old-fashioned brewery.


This set consists of 1591 parts and three floors: a cozy bar with a kitchen, a brewing room, and the storage floor with the control room. The set includes five minifigures: a bartender, two brewery workers, and two bar patrons, as well as hot wings, tools, and plenty of barrels and crates of ingredients for root beer, cherry cola, and ginger ale.

This is second in my winter 2015 line of modular buildings.

If you like this Soda Brewery and Bar, please help make this set a reality by supporting this and all the other modulars in this series and share them with your friends!

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