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Poirot`s Manor House Mayhem


Lady Crimovel`s jewels have been stolen from the safe! Betty the cook has water all over her apron! The pie is not ready yet! Can Hercule Poirot solve all this Manor House Mayhem?

Poirot`s Manor House Mayhem would make a great Lego set because it is a very highly detailed, playable, 16th century English manor house set in the 1930`s with all the necessary rooms of a house and lots of minifigures.  It would look great in many different types of displays/scenes and incorporates the detail of an expert modular building with the simplicity of a regular Creator set.

Poirot`s Manor House Mayhem includes:


1935 Citroen Traction Roadster 

Seats two minifigures

Adjustable windshield

Spare tyre

Bumper bars with license plate detail



Manor House includes:


Stone and iron fence with opening iron gates

Garden with hedges, a tree and shrub details

Stone pathway


Front stone steps

Hanging vines on both sides

Large windows

Stone brickwork

Stepped and sloped roofs with main and kitchen chimney details

Tudor-style castle and arch detail

Large opening (open inwards) oak doors with golden doorknobs



Steps (with red carpet)

Red carpeted hallway with knight suits of armour, paintings, flowers and bust details


Drawing room (accessed via right archway from hallway)

Dark green carpet

Lighted fireplace with mantelpiece and fire stoker details

Dark blue settee lounge

Small wooden table with cards and dollar bill (game of Bridge)

Small wooden table with newspapers

Bookshelf with 1930`s radio

Small wooden coffee table with silver service (teapot and cups)



Bedroom (Entry via door in drawing room

Red carpet

Four poster bed

Safe with opening door

Unlit fireplace with mantelpiece and fire stoker

Wooden writing desk with drawers,chair and typewriter


Paintings on wall


Bathroom (entry via door at the end of the hallway)

Bright bluish green tiles

Dark blue,green and red mat

Bathtub with golden tap and bar of soap details (filled with water)

Sink with golden tap and water details

Toilet with black lid and seat (lid up)


Dining Room (Accessed via archway on left side of hallway

Long wooden table with cutlery (knifes and forks) glasses, plates with steak and a chicken drumstick

Table also includes a loaf of bread, a plate of cheese, tomatoes and cherries and a wine pitcher

5 chairs and a main arm chair

Painting on wall


Butler`s table with newspaper and cup (where the butler can eat meals and keep a lookout for visitors)


Kitchen (accessed through door via dining room)

Checkerboard pattern tiles

Fuel stove with opening door and chimney

1930`s gas combustion stove with bottle,cup, pot and opening doors

Iron wash tub

Wooden washboard

1930`s iron and ironing board

Small wooden table with pie,carton of milk and pastry being rolled


Includes 10 minifigures (left to right)


William the gardener with shovel and watering can

Betty the cook with rolling pin

Tuppence the maid with scrubbing brush

Edward the butler

Hercule Poirot with walking stick

Captain Hastings

Lord Crimovel

Lady Crimovel

`Cracker` Jack (safe-cracking thief) with jewel and money

Chief Inspector Japp with handcuffs

All names are my own original ideas except for Poirot,Hastings and Japp.

Crimovel is a reference to crime novel.


Contains 2544 pieces


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