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Mexico City Skyline

The amazing capital city of Mexico in a LEGO SET.
 Please help me to make Mexico City a new Skyline SET.
This set contains 9 famous landmarks of Mexico City:
  • Monument to the Revolution: Is the tallest triumphal arch in the world.
  • BBVA Tower: Is the fourth-tallest building in Mexico City with 770 ft-high.
  • National Palace: Is the official residence of the Mexican president since 2018.
  • Angel of Independence: Is the most famous landmark in Mexico City it's a focal pint of celebrations.
  • Latino American Tower: It was the first skyscraper built in a highly seismic zone.
  • Fine Arts Palace: Is the sites of notable artistic events with a beautiful exterior.
  • World Trade Center Mexico.-Is a complex of buildings the tallest with 679 ft high with a convention center and a revolving luxury restaurant.
  • "El Caballito": Is a sculpture located outside the "Palacio de Mineria".
  • Xochimilco: Is a tourist attraction of 105 miles of canals now is a World Heritage Site.

All this important landmarks are so beautiful and makes Mexico City one of the best cities on the world.

Enjoy the IDEA :)

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