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Sweet Poptart Cafe


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Hello and welcome to my Sweet Poptart Cafe Build.

What i am proposing here is a two floor build using cyber cafes as my original idea. I was then inspired by an online friend or to be more precise the particular food she enjoys - Poptarts, so i went with the crazy idea of a poptart cyber cafe.

Characters - Currently i have five: On the left are the three workers, The Happy counter girl and her two assistants, one who remains on the upper floor to keep an eye on things and help with technical issues, provide food and drink, coordinating through headsets with the one downstairs who performs the same tasks but also manages stock should the other assistant run low and need something from the stock room.

On the right are the two basic customers. (Concerning all clothing - This was the best clothing i could throw together so it can be altered if necessary)

Ground floor - A walled front with a little greenery leading in to the ground floor. Both floors have 2 person table/desk, each with a computer/games console (My own preference was to put down black boxes with a colored light to represent game consoles or Black Personal Computer cases in order to make them stand out a little), space for whatever juice drink or coffee is purchased and beside each computer is space for a box of poptarts to sit, all bought at the front of the store which has its own small store room and delivery entrance, two convenient free use microwave ovens, one located under the stairs and one by the counter for cooking said poptarts either on request or when the need arises. Lastly the ground floor has a two stall bathroom and sinks i included to break things up a little.

Upper Floor - Similar setup to the ground floor minus the counter and instead a coffee dispenser and a single microwave oven which the upper floor assistant monitors and operates. The balcony area is mainly for those seeking a little quiet time or maybe they also brought a laptop which they intend to use while enjoying the scenery. Also shown is the roof of the store room, this roof however is completely separate from the upper floor and is included in the image to show its general overall location.

Main Roof -  Up here are two power generators/hubs/servers and one very large satellite dish for wireless access and streaming TV/news on the monitors. Lastly is of course what every such place needs, a nice giant poptart themed sign big enough to fit the SPC and it even has a small bite taken out of it.

Minor Issue - Some may notice tiles missing under tables such as the coffee dispenser/microwave table on the upper floor, tiles were placed but each time i loaded the file  to make alterations it would warn me of tiles improperly placed and remove them.

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