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Woe Is Wednesday's LEGO Idea

This idea is based off the Netflix show Wednesday. It is Enid and Wednesday's dorm room.
Wednesday is a great show that I absolutely loved and I can't wait for season two to see what will come next. So I decided to make an idea based on it.
I think this would make a great set because of the show and the character's popularity.

The show is so good that I couldn't really pick what to build from it. What did interest me the most was Wednesday and Enid friendship. So I chose to build their dorm room in Ophelia Hall at Nevermore Academy.
The build for this consists of Enid's side of the bedroom that's all cheery and colorful, Wednesday's side of the bedroom that's dark and grim, and the balcony with gargoyle statues and a place for Wednesday to play her cello.
Throughout the build I have placed some Easter eggs and references from the show to make it look better.
The characters that I've included in the build are Wednesday, Enid and Thing.

I really like how it turned out in the end, and I hope you guys like this idea too, please support it and tell your friends so that hopefully we can all enjoy a little woe.

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