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Winter Village Set

I have expanded out this model a little more and built in the main elements of another winter village set i designed to make an overall larger set with multiple buildings, figures and a small vehicle.

The elements here are:
Small Station / Platform - This is a 'small' scale model of a village station all decked out in the classic Lego winter colours. it is intended to work with the existing Winter Village theme. The model has 232 bricks in it, all of which are available in the LDD. The platform is built to the same scale as the current line of station platforms from Lego. The Platform itself has a small seating area and a little shop behind it.

Village Inn - The is a Village Inn decked out in the 'classic' winter look. The Inn comprises of 659 standard Lego bricks (all available in the current LDD). It was designed specifically to complement the existing range of Winter Village Buildings. The model itself has a fully constructed interior, including, bar area, fireplace, chandelier lighting and small bedroom.

Village Square - The village square element comprises of 156 elements and has several benches and a village notice board.

Delivery Truck - The small delivery truck consists of 133 elements.

Overall this set would now fit the current Winter Village price and element bracket as it would sit around the $90 mark (at a guess) and provide significant enhancement to the existing range of buildings

The interior of each building is detailed out

Close up of the truck as it existed in the LDD

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