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Turbojet Foilcat


This is a LEGO model of a Kvaerner Fjellstrand Foilcat, one of the high-speed ferries that TurboJET uses for its Hong Kong to Macau route.

This ferry has a maximum cruising speed of 50 knots (nautical miles per hour) and can carry around 380 people in a three-class configuration.

TurboJET has two Foilcats in its fleet; named Barca and Penha. These two ferries are crossbreeds of a traditional hydrofoil and a catamaran, because they have two hulls but they lift out of the water while cruising at maximum speed.

As for the model itself, it comes with a blue base to improve its aesthetics.

I genuinely hope you like my LEGO idea. Thank you for your support!

-- Wedgie2002

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