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The Barnyard Farm


The barnyard play set has a house that splits open, barn with an owl on the roof, farmer, tractor,1 baby foal, 2 horses pulling a wagon, silo, 5 chickens, 2 pigs and a dog. The house features a fridge, a stove with two burners and able to open to cook big food. It also has a bed with a hinged blanket for the farmer to sleep. The two pigs live in the barn with a water trough. The occasional owl will nest on the roof and the chickens live in a brown fenced pen. The chicken pen can open up with a gate within a frame. The wagon is pulled by the horses to collect items far away, while the foal travels near by. The tractor is used to mow the fields and it has two boxes in the back of it to collect items. All the wheat that the tractor mows and the wagon picks goes into the silo for later in the barnyard farm.

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