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Barrel of Monkeys


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The Barrel of Monkeys has been an iconic toy since its creation in 1965 by Leonard Marks and its designer, Milton Dinhofer. An idea that spun from toying with snow-tire-replacement chain links, these red chimps would eventually partner with the Hasbro company. With plenty of nods to the history, love of Lego through references, and monkeying-all-the-way around, this Idea would be perfect for any toy enthusiast.

My concept was to take a look into what happens inside of the barrel! At the very top a mix of toys have found their way in: a Who-done-it mystery featuring Bigfoot, Banana Guy, and the Gorilla, an advertisement that pays homage to the first batch of Barrel of Monkeys (once called Chimp to Chimp), potato head parts, and board game pieces set on a wood plank floor. All extra toys can be removed to be filled with a link of red, brick-built monkeys... allowing for you to remove the lid and pull the chain of monkeys up like the real game!

The second level is a smoothie bar which serves banana-based beverages! I've included a smoothie machine which seems to be overflowing at the top, a pop art masterpiece of monkeys behind the counter, and three translucent banana chandeliers on the roof. Left of the smoothie area is a claw machine sitting on banana and confetti black tiles... can you grab the golden banana in the "Monkey's Paw" game? A past winner is posted nearby... the original Lego monkey mold!

The lowest level is where the Monkey Barreling Co. This is the inner workings of how we get our barrels packed and shipped to kids and adults around the world. Included is a rotating conveyor belt with a red monkey tail sticking out of the other side!

I hope you enjoy!

(Model is just about 3,000 pieces)

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