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Fairy Elephant Sweet Booth


Hellow everyone, welcome to my 1st LEGO Idea:

Fairy Elephant Sweet Booth

I always wondering why there has no opening place and facilities for our lovely minifigures to hangout.  Yes, now we have parks, square, resturant, cinema and etc.  But not a lovely and nice place for them to enjoy the sweets in more casual and relaxing style??

Therefore, I come up an idea to creat one for minifigures to enjoy life in the city.

This Fairy Elephant Sweet Booth has approx 200 parts including three minifigures: The Owner, Female and Male Customers.

And believe me, our minifigures need their sweets and this Fairy Elephent Sweet Booth will make them all happy and even a great love story might begins here!

Thank you so much for all your support and please leave a comment.


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