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Cowboy Bebop: Swordfish II, Hammerhead, Red Tail


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Cowboy Bebop: a Japanese anime series, about space bounty hunters.

The build: The three spaceships used by the three main bounty hunters who crew the "Bebop": Spike's "Swordfish II", Jet's "Hammerhead" and Faye's "Red Tail". With bonus Ed and Ein figures.

Swordfish II has folding wings (to allow storage in the Bebop's hangar. The ships armaments include machine guns (mounted on the nose) and a large energy cannon below the nose.

Hammerhead features reversible and folding wings and a grabber arm. It has less offensive capability than the other two ships.

Red Tail is the smallest ship. It has moving arms which feature machine guns and grenade launchers.

All three ships feature the monopod design, which enables life support in the case of destruction of the larger ship.

The stats:

Models built using LDD. 529, 464, and 272 bricks for each ship (1,265 total).

[I also have an LDD model of the Bebop itself (but it isn't to scale).]

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