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Transforming Vegetables


Remember when you used to tell your parents you couldn't eat your veggies because they were evil! Well you were right! 


The carrot contains less pieces than the tomato but looks just as good! The robot carrot's  primary objective is to collect data about the human race and send it to the mother ship! The carrot has three legs, one with a small claw to grasp onto the vaporiser which can be stored in the tomato.


Tomatoe tomato, lets overcome our differences! Well this tomato has another idea... To assist the vegetable fleet in Earth's destruction! The tomato has 4 opening doors, one has a breaker box, the other a small computer for sending away data, another has a clip to hold the vaporiser and the last one is a storage compartment for storing a rope and a blue crystal (the robot carrot's power source).

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