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Interstellar: The Endurance

This build is based of the amazing movie, with spaceships, planets, wormholes, traitors and black holes: Interstellar.

The Endurance is a huge space station which can hold 4 other spaceships: two of Ranger and two of Lander.
The Endurance travels the crew to the stars and beyond!

I built it because i was really impressed by the movie Interstellar and I wanted to make something from it for a long time!

The Endurance has 12 different 'rooms', and so I made that in LEGO too! This model can hold two Rangers and two Landers, just like in the movie!

For the minifigures i decided to go with Cooper, Amelia Brand and ofcourse TARS. I included hair pieces and helmets for Cooper and Amelia.

I really hope this is going to be a LEGO set because, i think it would be a fine addition to the the collection from LEGO Ideas and who doesn't love a good space movie? That's right no one. I also think it is a fine addition is because the Endurance is made in a very interesting way and looks great with the shape of it.

I hope everyone who reads this likes this model and if you didn't already, please support!

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