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Percy Jackson: The Museum Attack

I grew up reading the Percy Jackson book series, and I am a huge fan! I know there are a lot of Percy fans out there like me, so I think this would be a very popular LEGO set. The set is based on a memorable scene from the first book in the series, The Lightning Thief. In the scene, Percy Jackson is on a school field trip to a museum, when he is suddenly attacked by his pre-algebra teacher, Miss Dodds. Characters in this set include Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Nancy Bobofit, Mr. Brunner/Chiron, Miss Dodds, Sally Jackson and Gabe. As a bonus, some of the figures can be transformed into their Greek alter-egos. Mr. Brunner can be changed into Chiron, a centaur with the body of a horse. Grover has swappable goat legs. And Miss Dodds can transform into a "Fury" - complete with wings, a monstrous face and clear bricks to stand on, so she appears to be flying.

Hopefully you will support this set. Thank you! 

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