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House of Technology


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Discover the future with us. Here you will find the newest technical developments. Experience these wonders of technology up close and test it out. Here begins the future. In the House of Technology.

I have implemented a new idea. The house of technology takes visitors into the fascinating worlds of the newest technology. With this building you discover and play at the same time. The modern design can also expand and decorate every shelf of a Lego fan. I build the building according to modern ideas of buildings in the real world. My building should have round areas but also square areas. On the 1st and 2nd floor I built in a window slope.

The building consists of 2830 Lego bricks. The house is modular and has some surprises.

Outside of the building:

The fountain has a statue of a satellite. Next to the fountain is an inviting park bench. The trees give pleasant shade in the summer and look great. There are also parking meters for the cars of the visitors.


The entrance door is a functioning sliding door. You can move the door with your hands. A nice employee works at the reception and welcomes the visitors. An astronaut and technician can be seen in the display cases by the entry. At frist you visit the traffic subject area. The first thing you get see as a visitor is the newest electric car. You can even test drive this car. The car can be brought out of the building using a sliding mechanism.

After the car you come to a great model of an modern express train. As everywhere, interactice information panels are available for guests.

1st Floor:

The stairs lead visitors to two new subject areas. it is about telecommunications and energy producing. In the power plant area, visitors can see a model of a new generation of fusion reactor, wind power plant and hydropower plant. 

The newest telecommunications devices can also be found. You can try them out and get to know them. The employee is waiting for curious visitors.

2nd Floor:

Space technology awaits visitors at the top. It has modern astronaut equipment and a model of the newest launch vehicle. Next to the coffee shop, there is a model of a moonbase. You can remove the roof there to play. A boy discovers the new equipment for a future moonbase.

The coffee shop has coffee, cake, tea and other yummi stuff. A visitor takes a break after all the great impressions. 

A technician accesses to the solar cells on the roof have a passwordprotected gate door. Also you come there to the mobilephone antenna at the top of the roof. With an  ladder outside the building wall, you get to the toproof of the building. An employee of the telephone company works there on the antenna. I installed modern lighting throughout the building.

The Idea:

The idea came to me spontaneously. I wanted to create a modern city building. You will find great details during the construction. You can also play with the set or exhibit the set. You can also create and build new exhibits by yourself and place them in the building. It was a lot of work to create this building. I like buildings with simple colours and some little special colours in it.

And as a plus you can play with the electric car. I did made a lot of minifugures in the set idea. I think i can be an interesting Lego set for adults and older kids. 

I hope you like my idea. And I would be happy about many supporters. The best thing would be 10 000 supporters :-). And also thanks for the comments.

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