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Tiny Travel Chess Set

A tiny but playable chess set that is ideal for travels.

The original set has only 105 Lego pieces but have all that is need for playing a real chess game: the board and all the black and white pieces in a classic format.
This set consists in
1x chess board of 64 black and white squares
  • 1 king
  • 1 queen
  • 2 bishops
  • 2 knights
  • 2 rooks
  • 8 pawns

This is a playable chess set that someone can take, build and play in a travel (the pieces always keep to the board). It can also be done, by personal preference, in other classic and tournament colors (light and dark brown; green and light yellow).

Edit: I've been receiving a lot of great feedback because of the set size, style and gameplay. The idea of this set is to be minimal in size (and an almost minimal number of Lego pieces) with a classic chessboard/pieces style and still be playable. For gameplay purposes, the pawns could not be completely stuck in the board studs, only lightly so they don't fall or move involuntarily during the game (this is also why the original board is made of studs and not plates). For a display set the plates would be my choice too, like you can see in the updated version with box. Generally, in terms of the style, I'm not completely satisfied with the pawns and the bishops. But for a classic look and so those pieces still suit the others in height and style this was what I came up with.

Thank you very much for support and feedback!

Update: I've added a picture of my alternative version with plated board and pieces storage box. This is not a minimal chess set but rather a more playable one

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