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René Magritte: The Son of Man

This displays the self portrait "The son of men" (Le fils de l'homme) by the  Belgian painter René Magritte. It shows a lime green Granny Smith apple in front of the painter's face, wearing his famous bowler hat. Rumor has it, this painting was the inspiration for the name of a certain famous phone manufacturer company...

The biggest challenge was to bring the 2D painting into a 3D scene, various techniques were use to accomplish this: 
  • curved bricks on all sides to create the round costume shape
  • a red bracket & technic block to clip the tie to his costume
  • sideway bricks to create the wall in the background and the thin black line
  • transparent block & a bracket to attach the apple

So, if you love art and like to build a famous painting, please support this idea :-)

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