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RWBY Episode 8 Ruins


This is an extension of the set RWBY: Death Stalker Chase, and based off the Rooster Teeth series RWBY.

in the world of Remnant, people, both human and faunice, control the power of Dust, elemental crystals that are used in everyday lives, working machines, powering cars, and yet can be used as a dangerous weapon. Though in a time of peace, anger and aggresion are starting to divide the four kingdoms, while the Creatures of Grimm stalk throughout the entire world.

Video on Dust

One line of defense from the Creatures of Grimm are the Hunters and Huntresses. And there is no better achademy than Beacon.

Now, on their first day of class, they have gone out into a forest filled with the monsters to obtain artifacts. However, Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang have been separated from their four friends, and must fight off the Nevermore by themselves.

Two of the characters, Ruby and Blake, have weapons that can transform. Ruby has a sythe that can turn into a gun held at the waist, while Blake's got a Sword/Pistol.

Below I will provide a video for each of the characters. Please support.





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