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Dy'Naar Arggon 3

The Dy'naar Arggon 3 is a spacecraft created by a technologically advanced human subspecies from the plant of Xygor 6 in the Spect'rass System.

Length: 85cm (114 studs)
Width: 21cm (40 studs)
Height: 20cm (39 studs)

Piece count: 2645

*Measurements in CM are estimates*

About the ship
The Dy'naar Arggon 3 is one of 4 sister mother cruisers currently active in the Xygorian Planetary Navy.
The ships main role is long distance intergalactic travel and discovery of new planets however can also be used as a planetary defence ship. The star ship is capable of holding 300,000 passengers and 50,000 crew with a cargo capacity of 2 tons per person. The ships control and command center is located at the very tip at the front of the cruiser.

Crew and passenger quarters
The crew and 50% of the passengers capacity is located in the front most and largest section of the cruiser. The front most section of the cruiser also houses cargo bays, in addition to all the housing and leisure areas. The remaining 50% of the passengers are located in the secondary living quarters located before the engines.

Propulsion system
The Dy'naar Arggon 3 is powered by a Kcasor crystal plasma reactor. The main aesthetic of the Arggon is the Kcasor crystal beam located in the center on the cruiser. The reactor powers the Arggon's 4 plasma turbines.

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