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Old Fishing Cabin

Hi Everyone.

My name is Chris, I'm 39 years old, and I'm from the "Ruhrpott" in Germany.

Today is "my great day", because this is my first large LEGO MOC. I started creating this LEGO MOC for three months ago now, you can say, I've only just started.

I've already done three Architectural MOCs of the "Ruhrpott" with around about 700 pieces each, but this is my first "great one".

It's a fishing cabin. There are so many fans of the Old Fishing Store out there, so I decided to make this one. But why? Well, the minifigures in the LEGO universe go and buy a fishing rod at the store, but where do they go fishing then?

Yes, you are right, they now go to the fishing cabin in the forest, near the sea ;) . The peaceful forest near the sea is the perfect place to relax.

I've created a cabin with some nice interiors, like an oven to get it warm inside, a table with two chairs to relax or eat the fish they caught and a little kitchen desk.

Nearby, the oven has some wood inside to fire up the oven and when there is no more wood inside, just go outside to the woodpile.

There is some detail I've tried to add, but you can look and explore it by yourself. Perhaps, you'll find the cat chasing the mouse behind the house, or you'll find the frog sitting on the pier.

I hope you enjoy. You can be sure that there will be updates for this little cabin, near the sea.

Greetings Chris

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