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Clash Mini Duel


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This is a model inspired by the mobile game Clash Mini. Clash Mini is a strategy packed board game made by Supercell and set in the Clash Universe that you can play with your friends. You collect, summon and upgrade an army of Heroes and Minis before watching them come to life and battle your opponents in a game of choices. This model is based specifically on the forest backdrop in the Duel mode with a selection of Heroes and Minis and is 2908 pieces in total.

I've been recently playing this game a lot because I find the strategic gameplay quite fun and it inspired to finally have a go at designing my own LEGO model and submitting to LEGO Ideas. It would also be great for the game to become a little more well known because it's only recently become playable in countries such as the UK and would be well received by fans of the Clash Universe.

I believe that this build would make a great LEGO set because the art style of Clash Mini is purposefully toy-like with Heroes and Minis being unlocked as if they were bought from a real life shop. Becoming an actual toy in the form of LEGO makes perfect sense with this design philosophy in mind and the stylized art-style lends itself very well to LEGO. The build is also made in such a way that the Heroes and Minis can be moved around the game board to mimic a Duel from the game itself.

I've tried to detail as much as possible within the 3000 piece limit. This is my first submission so support/feedback would be quite good.

The Heroes and Minis included are: Monk, Archer Queen, Dagger Goblin, Spear Goblin, Dart Goblin, Magic Archer, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Barbarian, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Miner, and Battle Healer.

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