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"Wolf-Fang" Rock Show

Inspired by bands such as Spinal Tap and Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, join legendary rock band Wolf-Fang on their sellout world tour rock show finale!*

This is a three part modular set, consisting of the rear stage area (with lighting rig, band banner, DJ and bagpiper), the main stage (with lead and rhythm guitarists, drummer, pyrotechnics, security guards and cameraman) and the crowd (including press reporter). In addition to this there's also a little concession stand where our rockers can get their favourite food and soft drinks.

As a fan of live music, I greatly missed going to shows over lockdown, so I decided to learn drums, and shortly after that decided to combine this with my passion for Lego by making a custom mini Lego drum-kit. This soon escalated into a whole band... and then a bigger band, when it very quickly became clear they needed a stage to perform on. And what good is a stage without lights and fire! And a band can't play without a crowd... or without the band being protected from that rowdy crowd! Before I knew it I'd sunk a lot of time into this project, not to mention splashing out on the bricks needed to make it - I'm really pleased with the result and thought it a shame not to share.

There are a lot of little details packed into this set which music and Lego lovers alike will appreciate - and I hope this will bring people as much fun as it brought me in putting it all together!

*tickets were incredibly limited

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