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RX-127 V Model Spaceship


       This ship's technology is WAY ahead of it's time! The K-93 Quantum Processor (Pic 13) was developed by only the greatest scientists in the world, Me and My Dad. When the K-93 Quantum Processor is removed (Pic 11) there is extra space for a weapon underneath.

       The pilot (Pic 8) is a combo of 4 different minifigs. The body is from Jango Fett, the head is from The Lone Ranger, the helmet is from a scuba diver, and the visor is from a biker.His gun is stored under the K-93 Quantum Processor for easy access (Pic 11). Last but not least the pilot's display stand can attach to the back of the ship for next time you use it (Last Pic).

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