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Flower Power


Here's something to brighten up your table/desk etc. and will never need watering...

To make it more interactive, each of the flower heads can rotate - and for each flower, the head parts rotate in different ways too !

You can combine stems/leaves and vases to how you want them and you can also decide on the angles for most of the petals. The leaves also swivel and you can have the main leaf on either side of the flower.

The vases look quite good on their own, I've painted them all black in one image so that you can see their shapes. You could also change the base plate colours to suit the table top (maybe it could have a few spare bases of different colours thrown in?)

With all the combinations you can quickly individualise the models to your taste and change as often as you want.

There are just under 500 bricks. I like these a lot and think these would make great gifts (- even for non-Lego fans?). I would build these for real, but some of the colour/brick combo's don't exist yet. As ever, comments welcome.

(Minifig added for scale)


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