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Startron Interstellar Cruiser


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Startron Interstellar Cruiser
The Startron Interstellar Cruiser is a starship owned by the Startron Fleet, located on the outer edge of the northern spiral arm of the galaxy. Startron was created as a support agency to help other space colonies in the galaxy.

Startron is my own Classic Space style subtheme and I built the Interstellar Cruiser because I love Classic Space and building spaceships. I wanted to create a new space theme with a striking colour scheme.

About the ship
The starship has a sleek, futuristic triangular shape and is powered by a Twin Ion Particle Fusion engine. The rear tail fins can rotate and become landing gear, along with a retractable leg at the front of the ship which can be deployed when the ship lands. The dark blue Nexo tile on the top of the ship is a message transmitter, sending information back to the Startron Command Unit. The white triangular panels slant towards the front of the ship, sporting the lightning-like Startron logo in orange. There is a detachable Scout Messenger Drone at the very front, which is sent down to investigate planets, remotely controlled from the ship. A hatch at the rear of the starship can be lifted to reveal the cockpit, complete with controls.

About the minifigure
The Startron astronaut wears a dark blue, white, and orange spacesuit, coordinating with the colours of the ship. I chose a classic smiling minifigure head as a nod to the much-loved Classic Space theme.

  • The model measures 44 cm long, 8.5 cm tall (Flight Mode), 13 cm tall (Landing Mode), and 17 cm wide.
  • Contains approximately 300 pieces.
  • Very swooshable.

Thank you for your Support!

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