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The Great Gym


You successfully made it to my project called "The Great Gym".
As a fan of building cities or houses, I tried to come up with an important and interesting building which does not exist yet. This is why I built "The Great Gym", which consists of three floors full of action and fun.

I worked on this model with, and it took about 60 hours to be finally happy with my model.
Explore the different training machines, meet the muscle-packed visitors and use the (really working) snack machine! The first two floors are for the gym visitors, the upper floor is reserved for the employees and the chef himself. I included 11 minifigures (3 employees, 1 chef, 6 visitors and 1 electrical engineer).

Piece count: 2931
With your support, we can make "The Great Gym" happen.
Thank you very much.


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