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European Bed & Breakfast


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Welcome to the POP live cafe and European B&B, highly appreciated stop for all travellers and explorers of the cities and rural areas of the old continent.

The POP live cafe

Park your chopper just outside and get in to relax over a local beverage in good company; the bartender will be happy to serve you your choice of handmade smoothies and milkshakes produced with the fruits of his garden, with just the right amount of chill! 

Get comfy and enjoy some live folk-rock music in a rustic atmosphere filled with history and adorned with shields and statues from ancient gluttonous knights.

Go up the winding staircase and take in the show from the balustrade if you like - if you are in sweet company there are a few romantic candle-lit tables and a welcoming sofa. 

Get to know the bunch of locals who often come here to play table football or watch the car races. In case of need, right in that corner you can also find a small bathroom complete with practical urinals and a loo!

The Bed and Breakfast

If your travels exhausted you, you can benefit from the B&B just up the outdoor stairs that go above the barbecue and garden area. You can choose between a comfortable king-size bed and a bunk bed in two separate rooms - go for your favourite colour! Both rooms open on the wide terrace that overlooks the street. 

In there, we have thought about every comfort: a spacious bathroom with shower, a water distributor, an electric kettle and a coffee machine for excellent espressos! As you wake up every morning you will find a delicious breakfast complete with croissants, fruit juice, sweets and the daily newspaper, to begin your day in the best possible way, be it work or holiday!

The attic

But what's the secret behind such exceptional structure and exquisite welcome? If you go up the ladder, you will find that the B&B owner has all he needs in the attic: a wood stove to prepare a good omelette, a fridge, a washing machine to do your laundry, plenty of boxes filled with supplies, and his very own little corner of relaxation.

The people

This set includes 9 characters: the bartender is a friendly hippy guy, accompanied by three musicians, a young local skater, an explorer with his backpack, a sleepy guest in his pyjamas, a dynamic biker and his girlfriend who, imagine?, he met right here in the POP live cafe just below the European B&B!

The idea

I had a lot of fun creating this building, trying to enrich it with symbols from several European cultures and thinking about specific details such as the soccer shirt hung on the wall, the orange embers in the barbecue, the cobblestones of the pavement, and the glow-in-the-dark elements of the external lanterns and lamppost.

This project can tell different stories of wayfarers and encounters, both decorative and interactive, it summarizes some of my life and travel experiences in the old continent, I hope you will gladly support it!

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