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Lego Adventurers - Race to the Pharaoh's Tomb

Johnny Thunder is back! On a mission to unearth the history buried inside the Pharaoh's Tomb. Joining him is his long time friend and fellow archaeologist, Gail Storm. But watch out! The evil Baron von Baron is hot on their trail and as crafty as ever. If he gets his way, gold and gems alike will disappear from the Pyramid forever.

Coming in at just under 1300 pieces, this pyramid-centric play set contains the following features:
  • A Three-tiered pyramid, which folds out for play
  • The Adventurer's flatbed truck
  • The Baron's desert racer

Pyramid Details
The pyramid consists of three separable tiers.
  • The top level is the Pyramidion, an ornate golden cap designed to draw attention and reflect the suns golden rays.
  • The middle level houses the Pharaoh's sarcophagus. Plated in gold and surrounded by ornate sculptures, this is the final resting place of the mummified Pharaoh.
  • The bottom level is the main bulk of the pyramid. Filled with devious traps and rich treasure, this trial will prove dangerous for both the Adventurers and the Baron.

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