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Treasure Retrieval Boat

This boat is a boat specifically designed to retrieve treasure from the bottom of the ocean. It is equipped with a fully functioning crane that swivels with an attached winch on the end to retrieve heavy objects from the seafloor. Also on one side it has two fully functioning arms that are also ready to haul and load objects. The boat is also equipped with oxygen tanks so divers can go down deep, and it has a control panel to handle all of the cranes and arms. It has a weather proof cab with enough room for a person and diving equipment. The cab is also equipped with a sonar computer to find objects on the seafloor. It also has floodlights that illuminate the water around to avoid dangerous crashes. It also has accessible ladders on both sides so divers can get safely in the boat. The scuba boat is also equipped with a motor and radio communication by antennas placed strategically around the boat.

I built this boat because I believe nothing has been quite built like it before, and because no one really knows all that is down at the bottom of the great seas. I believe that this would make a great LEGO set for kids because it is unique and it has lot of functioning parts that would make it exciting to erect and play with. I believe that all of the characteristics of this unique treasure locating boat would make it a great LEGO set for all ages.

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