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Lego City LandRover Police Triple pack

Range Rover Sport. Land Rover Diffender. Land Rover Discovery.
(Silver / Grey). (White). (Black)

These are all in the style of UK Police 4x4's

The Range Rover Sport is a police fire-arms and traffic vehicle.
The Land Rover Diffender is a beat bobbys 4x4.
The Land Rover Discovery is a Traffic 4x4.

The set is designed from my favourate vehicles i know peoples interpretations can vary so much on the same item this is my interprtation of my favourate 4x4's hopefully you will like i know people will be critical but like lego's motto on same or simlor ideas, the best design via votes wins. I appreciate that not everybody likes the Police so please vote on the idea not on what it reprsents, as we are all lego fans on here we know the police sets are the biggest selling sets and i hope i do the UK Police vehicles some justics if not please design something better and i hope you do well.

Front veiw.

Rear chevrons.

The Range Rover Sport and the Land Rover Discovery both has blues in the tail / rear lights.
All the kit behind the end 4x4's can all fit in the boots of them.

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