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Fidget Monster


If you're reading this you probably like to fidget.
Me too, so I started to build an Ultimate LEGO Fidget tool.
It took me a lot of time to put everything in it that I like, but I finally managed it with 229 LEGO pieces.

The Fidget Monster has a modular build, everything is easily removable, so it's very easy to modify it to your liking within seconds.

I created some variations for my own use and I will describe the functions of each.

 - Door on top, it gives a clicking noise when opened/closed
 - Clickable, rotatable button which holds it's place when rotated
 - Two ratating gears on the right which gets separated when the door is opened
 - Removable base with different scrapable, touchable finishes on the bottom

 - Rotatable eye (has a red robotic eye under the yellow one)
 - Joystick
 - Switch
 - Removable rotatable base
 - + Everything from Minimal

 - Two moving piston's at the bottom, with a rotating gear, which lines up with the two other gears
 - Separately working buzzing wheel
 - Separately working spinner which can be combined with the Joystick for a better experience
 - Slider
 - Can hold a wand which is hidden in the top
 - Can hold a golden microfigure which can be hidden inside
 - + Everything from Basic

If you work in an office, or from home, I recommend using such a tool to keep you focused on your work and not to wonder off regularly.
Fidgeting is also a very effective way to handle everyday stress, or challenging periods.

Thank you for checking my idea, if you like it, please support it.

Keep on fidgeting,

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