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Now, Lego have made Lego set from films and imagination, but why not Lego sets from books.

This would be called Lego Prydain. the Books are by Lloyd Alexanda.

The names of the people are in the order of the people.

The first few are baddies.
Arwen ( he can turn into anything), deathless men, the horned king and archren ( she is a baddie on the first three, but becomes a good at the end of the third one).

Coll, Gwydion, Dallben (he's a wizard), Gurgi (a creature), Elenwy, Taran worrior, Taran farmer, Flam Ffleudur, Doli and Gwiniff.

Arwen (he changes into a snake at one point), the grwffiws (these are big enemy birds, I would surgest to make them look like the old quididatrols only black), Hen-Wen (a pig), Caw (a crow) and lyan (he's really a huge cat the same size as a house).

The picture at the top is also important, this is the cave of Dallben. This is the number 1 set I would like Lego to make. This would come with Dallben, Taran worrior, Call, Gwydian, Flame Ffleudur, Guigi and Elenwy.

Most people like medivel places as well

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