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Wolf King's Castle

The Wolfpack has returned and they are stronger than ever! The true leader behind Wolfpack is finally being revealed and the world will tremble when they learn the true identity of the Wolf King! Under the strong leadership of Wolf King, Wolfpack is no longer mere bandits and they unleash fear throughout the land. After hiding in their haunted tower nearly 30 years they now have a magnificent castle that will surprise you in every corner. They now have the power to challenge the other kingdoms and they even captured king of royal knights! Now it is your turn to manage this epic castle. What adventures will you experience with it?

  • Functional wolf head main gate
  • Throne room with a spike trap
  • Armory
  • Dining hall
  • Wolf King's room
  • Sorceror's room
  • Treasury
  • Haunted spirit stone room of the great wolf
  • Graveyard 
  • Barracks
  • Prison

  • Wolf King himself!
  • King of the Royal Knights(as prisoner)
  • Wolfpack Sorceror
  • 3x Wolfpack bandit
  • 3x skeleton
  • Ghost

What did I try to achieve with this set?
  • Great play features for children and great display value for adults
  • Variety of building techniques to provide both children and adults a great building experience
  • Capture the feeling of old Lego castle sets in a modern way
  • Satisfy the community's desire for a new official castle set
  • Giving the Wolfpack their well deserved return after all these years as great as possible

My notes on the model:
  • I have paid great attention to reachability for maximum playability. As you can see from the images you can either turn walls or remove parts of the model to reach interior of the castle. Even the balcony above throne room gate can be lifted to provide a better reach inside of the throne room.
  • Play features were another point of attention. With trap, prisons and hidden rooms castle has a lot to offer.
  • Set consists of nearly 3000 pieces.
  • Red roof in the middle is a reference to official set 6075 Wolfpack Tower :)

I had a great time while building this castle,I hope you like it. If you do please support it so maybe we can bring back the long waited castle theme.

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