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Farmers Hardware Store (Rural/Farm Supplies or Agrocentre)

Every part of the world where there are farmers there are places like this, somewhere to buy irrigation components, digging tools, fencing supplies, the list goes on.

Landmark is an Australian rural supplies retailer.
Though it could bare the name Octan Rural, if Lego doesn't want a licensed name and would make it more global.....hence better sales to a wider customer base.
Similar style companies would be TSC in Canada and RuralKing in the USA.....though those two are more a fusion of this idea with a general hardware/discount store concept.

Above we have a shelf with a water pump on it, some shovels and some irrigation parts (ball cock valves with floats attached) too.

Here is a close up of the display area from the front looking in.

Such a set could retail for 50 dollars AU and fits perfectly onto a 16x16 base plate.

If you like it, support it if you wish.

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