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Roman House


Old Description:        This build took one month just to get the idea.  After that i had to figure out how to save it.  It is a roman building but for kids.  I was thinking of the colosseum but looked at terms and conditions.  It said nothing violent so scraped the colosseum and went with a thrown for a lego mini figure king.  Lego has never done something like this before so I think this would be a beautiful thing for kids and adults.  If I do get approved please let Jamie, the head of the created expert series build this one.  Always loved his builds, so what do you think is it time for lego to get into some really cool ideas.  Thanks hope you love it.  Really want to buy this product.


New Description: This is very much the exact same house jest updated, thought about getting rid of red stripes on back.  They are not there any more, just a little bit different thrown, so now it looks better than ever please follow so that the next great set ever made will come to lego and a very cheap price to afford hope you love this build.  Can't wait till it comes to lego stores near you.


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