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Atlas V Rocket


The Atlas V rocket has launched many prestigious scientific payloads to deep space, including the Mars Science Laboratory (the Curiosity rover), the Juno mission to Jupiter, and the New Horizons mission to Pluto.

This model can be arranged into any of the six Atlas V configurations using a 5-meter payload fairing, and features modular, removable Solid Rocket Boosters and a detachable payload fairing.

421 pieces are used in this model, all of which are official LEGO bricks or elements.

Standing at a height of 38 centimeters/15 inches, this model is roughly 1/160 the size of a full-scale Atlas V rocket.

More features include:

  • Centaur upper stage that attaches to the first stage and fits inside the payload fairing
  • Inter-stage adapter that allows for the upper stage to slide into and out of the first stage with ease
  • Mars Science Laboratory (landed the Curiosity rover on Mars August 6, 2012) payload that attaches to the upper stage and fits inside the payload fairing
  • Juno probe (entered Jupiter's orbit July 4, 2016) payload that attaches to the upper stage and fits inside the payload fairing
  • New Horizons probe (flew by Pluto July of 2015) payload that attaches to the upper stage and fits inside the payload fairing
  • Five AJ-60A Solid Rocket Boosters that can be attached onto the Atlas V in its iconic asymmetrical configurations
  • Two sturdy payload fairing halves that are strong when connected, yet can be easily jettisoned
  • Mission Patch insignia and Logo designs on the payload fairing
  • Dual-nozzle RD-180 main engine on the first stage core

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Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my project!

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