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Aegis Avenger Titan


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This is the Avenger Titan from the videogame Star Citizen. It has 5 main sections:
-The nose with the cockpit (you can fit a minifigure there) is attached to the main body. The nose is tilted, but can rotate to horizontal position when the ship lands (this feature is not from the game, but is necessary because the front weapon is very long)
-The main body with the thruster and the cargo hold wich has a rear loading ramp that opens up. It isn't big but you can fit some minifigs inside.
-The top with the rear tails can be detached to show the cargo hold. This section includes also "cooling grids" (I don't know what they actually are) that can rotate to align with the tilted wings.
-The wings are connected to the main body and are tilted with the same metod of the cockpit, so they can be rotated too, tho it isn't a feature of the original ship.
The ship has 3 landing gears, but they can't be retracted and they might need a little work because they are not percfect.

I really like this ship but i haven't built it in real life yet, so I'm not 100% sure about the correct function of some features.

Total parts: 544

studs: 46 x 35 x 19
centimeters: 36.8 x 28.7 x 15.7

Weight: 629.2 grams

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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