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Just an ordinary lego Snoopy with his little usual house on the top of which he can lay if he wishes to. :) Snoopy has articulate shoulder and fingers, so he can even grab things. Also he can turn his head, and the ears can also be set to any desired position. The top of the head is left with studs on purpose: you can give him a hat. :)

The main driver for the build has been a Christmas gift for my Snoopy-maniac girlfriend. ...but she said I should share it with others. So hence the upload. Even if this does not become a set, but you want to build it, just let me know. ;) The fun should be in building! :D

Why I think this would be a good ideas set? Well, everyone loves Snoopy, don't they? ;) I imagine this set as something on your shelf that you always adjust to the season. Christmas cap in December, skis in January, sunglasses in the summer. At least this is how I want to handle our version.

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